[TheThinkTank] Blood lust in a "safe space".

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There is a format for having such discussions at Bike Bike which is by hosting a discussion or workshop. Perhaps we could be more clear about the process for attendees. 


> On Oct 13, 2019, at 10:18, Wm Dakota Callaschai <mylifeinthenow at gmail.com> wrote:
> This was my first Bike!Bike! after my awaking and being ostracized from my Collective.
> I knew I wasn't a part of this world anymore, especially after my experiences this summer.
> I tried to join a new shop and had many opportunities to find some like-minded folks, but what I found was crushing.
> Bring up veganism to the majority of those that are fighting the good fight against the system and get ready to hear them attack you personally or worse... Defend the system!
> I could fill this part with examples, but you already know... "I could never give up cheese!" "I love bacon!" and on and on...
> Why is this?
> I'm sure you know someone that died on their bike because of our car culture.
> Many of us know someone that died because drug prohibition... ie  accidental overdose.
> And even suicide because capitalism is crushing our souls.
> But ask people to apply to same scrutiny to the system that provides them with flesh and fluids, and they won't. They'll give excuses. They'll get mad at the messenger. But they won't admit that animal agriculture goes against their own values.
> ...
> ...
> I have a bunch to say but I don't think anyone want to hear it...
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