[TheThinkTank] Kicked out of Bike!Bike!?!

Gordon Hamachi gordon.hamachi at gmail.com
Wed Oct 16 00:53:50 PDT 2019

It troubles me that anyone was kicked out of Bike! Bike!  I hope that we
can get an official explanation from the organizers, explaining their
reasoning, because the story as told reveals nothing that would warrant

I myself have the dubious distinction of being kicked out of one Bike!
Bike! 2019 session with the reason given that it was for women only.
Evidently this was for cis women only, as nobody bothered to have a
conversation with me about my gender identity. I also feel that if women
want to improve the world they need to be willing to raise the
consciousness of all through education.

Since I am venting, a relatively minor third thing along these lines that
bothers me was when I was standing near the front of a newly-opened lunch
line, when some woman loudly declared that all of the men were to go to the
back. I get that gender discrimination is hurtful to those who may have
experienced It, but what sense does it make to impose the same hurt in
return, upon different people who are innocent of offense?  The men in line
obediently went to the back of the line, many with eye rolls, thinking that
these women were ill-mannered or unable to fairly queue up and take their

In the future, I would like everyone to treat everyone else with more
courtesy and respect, without regard for gender, race, or former

—Gordon Hamachi
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