[TheThinkTank] Job Offer : Executive Director at La Bikery Co-operative, in Moncton NB Canada

LaBikery labikery at gmail.com
Wed Oct 23 04:37:28 PDT 2019

 Hey all!

I'm moving to Montréal in the coming months, so I'll have to let go of my
position as Executive Director in New-Brunswick's only Bike Coop : La
Bikery Co-operative.
Please have a look at our job posting here :
and check-out our Facebook page for an overview of the scene here in
Eastern Canada :)

Our Coop revolves around a lot of Community-centered activities as we're
smack in the middle of car wonderland and we quickly became an urban hub
for all things related to active transportation. Great opportunity if you'd
like to work in a setting that merges a bike mechanic space to
community-building efforts :)

Please share the news around your networks too! *Deadline was Oct 21st, but
we'll extend the offer so please don't hesitate to apply. *
Merci !

*Simon DubéExecutive Director/Directeur général*

*Coopérative La Bikery Co-operative*
*Centre de vélo communautaire *

*Community Bicycle Centre**https://labikery.ca/ <https://labikery.ca/>*

*Opening hours: Thursday 4-7PM, Sat. 11-2PMHeures d'ouverture : Jeudi
16h-19h, samedi 11h-14h*

120 boul. Assomption blvd,
 Moncton NB
(506) 830-2453


<https://www.facebook.com/LaBikery> <https://twitter.com/LaBikery>

*Check us out on social media by clicking on the icons above*
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