[TheThinkTank] Robert's Rules of Order

Jeff Potter jeff at outyourbackdoor.com
Fri Sep 13 12:03:07 PDT 2019

PS: RR is accepted by basically every kind of organization: financial, legal, govt. It has the values of respect, accountability and transparency built in. ...Though, as with anything, it can be gamed. But seeing people work who know the rules, the “language,” is like watching any elaborate game where everybody is using the same rules. It’s astounding how much complicated high level work can be accomplished (and recorded and made available and understandable to the public) using RR’s. I suspect there are billion$ projects being done, with a bunch of different stakeholders, using “simple” ONE HOUR meetings that function like well-honed social machines. …It’s a thrill when everyone involved is ready for a meeting and a meeting goes by the agenda. Pride… Jeff Potter

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