[TheThinkTank] Dividing Paid vs Volunteer Labor

Jack Murphy jack at bikewalkwichita.org
Wed Sep 25 05:06:07 PDT 2019

We got a small grant that allowed us to pay a volunteer coordinator 15 hrs/week. That position (me) has allowed us to improve the backbone of the organization,  as I do a lot of behind the scenes work including managing data, website, operations, etc. After the year the grant paid for  we continue to pay out of general funds. We recently got another grant to hire a part time shop lead, that's allowed us to pursue outreach to different groups, as well as open Friday afternoons. 

⁣Jack Murphy​
Bike Walk Wichita 

On Sep 24, 2019, 11:41 AM, at 11:41 AM, Josh Bisker <jbisker at gmail.com> wrote:
>Hi pals,
>The Mechanical Gardens has been essentially an all-volunteer effort so
>but we're exploring adding some paid positions to reach real
>sustainability. Things like fundraising, fostering organizational
>partnerships, and even just coordinating operations and volunteers are
>challenging to do with no paid staff time.
>It's obviously tricky to make this shift though. One thing we need to
>do is
>comfortably distinguish: (a) the types of work for which people are
>versus (b) the types of work for which people volunteer. *So: in your
>organization, what are some of the ways you divide these things up?* A
>related question might be: *What are your titles and job descriptions
>your paid positions? *
>I know this topic opens a whole can of worms, but maybe we can get into
>a couple of questions at a time...
>Josh Bisker
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