[TheThinkTank] Online curriculum for youth with STEM content

Deb Salls deb at bikeworks.org
Fri Apr 3 15:21:28 PDT 2020

Hi All

We are working on a series of online videos (COVIDeos) and courses for our
community to continue to provide value during this strange time.

We also want to create some online courses that youth could participate in
while they are at home.  We are thinking about something that involves STEM
content about the physics and engineering behind the design of bikes ( or
something like that) .

It might involve a section about the parts of the bike and then go in depth
about the various parts and why they are important to the overall function
and efficiency of the bicycle.  It would also involve a series of quizzes
that youth could take about the content.

Has anyone done anything like this?  We have done some things like this
in-person at schools with teachers helping on the science/ engineering side
of things and we have lots of curriculums but nothing that is specifically
written down in this area and thought some of you might have something like

Let me know if you are willing to share


Deb Salls
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