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Robert Rands cheerfulharmony at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 7 09:06:06 PDT 2020

Latex would be better, likely, for against the skin~ except those that are allergic~ as well as being somewhat more usable.  

On the other hand, they would be more susceptible to breakage, as well as being harder to source for secondary use & more expensive in the beginning.  (It is a rationale to using them, however.)  They, also, deteriorate faster (in exposure to air).  Though, more repairable.  They are a natural product.  Butyl rubber has an aroma. 

Yet, quite a good idea.  Good work!  

~Robert Rands, board member SoPo Bike Coöperative (Reynoldstown Atlanta)

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  1. another use for inner tubes (Andrew Yee)


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elastic is in short supply, so we did this with inner tubes:



they're nice because you can make custom cut them to be wider around the

curious if latex tubes would offer more compliance. ;-)


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