[TheThinkTank] the virus and community bike shops, essential services thought (Bicycle Collective, Utah))

Bob Giordano mist at strans.org
Tue Apr 7 16:28:57 PDT 2020

We continue to have bikes donated in the rack
in front of the shop, whether we allow it or not.
We've been bringing them to a small outside
'quarantine' area, leaving for 5 days.

Seems that coronavirus can live up to 2-4 days
on plastic and metal, in general.

Bob Giordano, Free Cycles Missoula

Quoting Essen Skabelund <essen at bicyclecollective.org>:

> Hi all,
> The (Utah) Bicycle Collective closed on March 13th. Our mechanics worked in
> the shop with social distancing and hand washing measures (IF they felt
> comfortable coming to work). Our staff worked hard for 2 weeks to shift
> online and began taking bike and limited parts purchase by appointment only
> after those 2 weeks. Customers must browse our *online inventory and pick
> one bike to test ride. Then book a 20 minute time slot with us. In case the
> bike is not to their liking they must come with another in mind or we may
> pick out another that is their size for them. We do curbside service except
> for payment, then wipe down everything with sanitizer. All staff wear their
> air filter masks and gloves when interacting with customers. Only one at a
> time allowed in the shop to pay.
> We will begin taking repair services by appointment (curbside dropoff) at
> the end of this week - something we have never done before. We are normally
> a DIY shop.
> Our other programs and donations are closed. I've been working to engage
> volunteers online through community engagement and online workshop ideas.
> Click this link to see our new Showroom
> <https://bicyclecollective.org/salt-lake-showroom>: there's an explanation
> of services (more announcements to come out tomorrow) here
> <https://bicyclecollective.org/salt-lake-latest/item/911-bicycle-collective-open-by-appointment>
> .
> Does anyone have safe practices or ideas for taking donations?
> We've thought of creating a quarantine area (moving aside items in our
> storage unit to make part of it a quarantine area, leave bikes there for 2
> weeks or so before touching). Or sanitizing outside before bringing inside.
> Having donors schedule an appointment for drop off. Ring doorbell and leave
> by door. If need a donation receipt they can call.
> Any safe practices or ideas for accepting clients who need a bicycle for
> transportation (we have a charitable program where they can for free or by
> volunteering 6 hours)? Still working on this one, as our populations may be
> more susceptible to the virus, given it is a large part of the homeless
> population.
> *Essen Skabelund*
> *Volunteer and Program Coordinator*
> Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
> 2312 S. West Temple, SLC, UT 84115
> 801-328-2453
> www.bicyclecollective.org
> *The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an
> effective and sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a
> cleaner, healthier, and safer society. The Collective provides refurbished
> bicycles and educational programs to the community, focusing on children
> and lower income households.*

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