[TheThinkTank] Mission Statements and Fundraising Pitches

Josh Bisker jbisker at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 12:03:37 PST 2020

Hey pals, we're working on raising funds and I'll probably be doing a fair
amount of outreach both on the ThinkTank and individually to ask for help
and guidance. First questions:

1) What's your mission statement? Green light go.
2) What do you feel are the three most important parts of your fundraising
strategies for local granting orgs, city agencies, and deep-pocketed
3) What is one lesson you've learned about fundraising that you wish you'd
known when you started out?

Josh / Mechanical Gardens / NYC

Josh Bisker
New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op <http://bikecoop.nyc/>
596 Acres <http://596acres.org/>
Bindlestiff Family Cirkus <http://bindlestiff.org/>
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