[TheThinkTank] Visioning Meetings

Alysia Herr alysiaherr at gmail.com
Mon Jan 6 11:54:58 PST 2020

Hi buds,

I'm with Kickstand Community Bikes, a volunteer-run space in Vancouver, BC.
We're in the midst of some big changes: a shop move, general increase in
volunteer-time, and increase in shop user-ship. All good things, but we've
decided that it's probably time for visioning meeting.  However, it turns
out folks have some different ideas about what this means. I have my own
ideas, but I haven't participated in this sort of meeting before, so I'm
not sure how to build a framework to make this exercise useful.

Has anyone participated in a Visioning Meeting for their organization? What
did it look like? Specifically, what was the scope and what were the goals?
Who facilitated the meeting? How many people attended? What did you
accomplish? If anyone has an agenda or outline they could share, I'd
appreciate it.


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