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In 2016, we crafted a long range, big
picture vision when we took on the task of buying
a 2 acre property with a 28,000 sq ft building in the
heart of Missoula. (we raised the down payment
outright with cash donations, then assembled
8 tenants to cover the mortgage)

We had many pot lucks, round tables and one on
one conversations. Then our two main staff (myself
and our programs director, Emily) spent a bunch
of time sifting, sorting, editing, re-dreaming;

the 4 page doc is found here:


we update it every year or so (it's due once again for
revision as time/people/energy change)

It's focused on expanding our basic Free Cycles programs
(Open Shop, Build a Bike), adding new programs (a hostel,
learning center, bike share), our advocacy efforts (bikeways,
roundabouts, road diets, sustainable paving) and also the
dream of going off-grid, carbon neutral, no fossil fuels, and
local and healthy materials to retrofit the building.

the doc is brief, and our plan is to take on pieces as we can,
expanding the pieces with work plans and rough budgets

happy to talk more to anyone via mist at strans.org or

-Bob Giordano, director, Free Cycles, MIST

Quoting Alysia Herr <alysiaherr at gmail.com>:

> Hi buds,
> I'm with Kickstand Community Bikes, a volunteer-run space in Vancouver, BC.
> We're in the midst of some big changes: a shop move, general increase in
> volunteer-time, and increase in shop user-ship. All good things, but we've
> decided that it's probably time for visioning meeting.  However, it turns
> out folks have some different ideas about what this means. I have my own
> ideas, but I haven't participated in this sort of meeting before, so I'm
> not sure how to build a framework to make this exercise useful.
> Has anyone participated in a Visioning Meeting for their organization? What
> did it look like? Specifically, what was the scope and what were the goals?
> Who facilitated the meeting? How many people attended? What did you
> accomplish? If anyone has an agenda or outline they could share, I'd
> appreciate it.
> Thanks!
> Alysia

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