[TheThinkTank] Volunteer Management Trends and Insights from the Safe Shop Operations Workshop

Robert Grossman rgrossman7 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 8 08:36:28 PDT 2020

Hello Everyone,

Here are some more of the trends and insights around volunteer management
from the Safe and Effective Shop Operations Workshop.

*Technology Intervention*
   - Trend: Shops are managing volunteers through digital platforms
                 - Examples: CSI, Mailchimp, Zoom
   - Insight: Technology gap will cut off key volunteers
   - Insight: Shops not embracing digital tools will have more work cut out
for them

   - Trend: There are fewer volunteers who are comfortable coming into the
shops to help
   - Insight: Shops who operate indoors are a health hazard to volunteers
   - Insight: Leadership who are doing all the communication and setting up
digital tools for volunteers are not using their time effectively.

*New Ways of Working*
   - Trend: Shops are limiting volunteers in their shops
         - Examples: Some shops are keeping their volunteers outdoors to
guide traffic or do repairs
   - Insight: Social distanced volunteers inside shops are a health risk

Robert Grossman
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