[TheThinkTank] Capacity for Providing Services Trends & Insights from Safe Shop Operations Workshop

Robert Grossman rgrossman7 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 15:14:41 PDT 2020

Hello Everyone,

Here are some of the trends and insights around Capacity for Providing
Services from the Safe and Effective Shop Operations Workshop.

   - Trend: Shops are facing an increased need from their communities while
facing major internal challenges to be able to safely help
         - Examples: Not all volunteers have access to digital resources,
airflow, and more people moving to bicycles transportation alternative
   - Insight: An inaccessible resource is not a resource

*Tech Interventions*
   - Trend: Shops are moving services online
         - Examples: Online stores, repair videos, volunteer management
Systems, and Zoom calls for repair help
   - Insight: Moving to digital excludes community members

*Possible New Ways of Working*
   - Trend: Shops are being more structured about who is in the shop and
         - Examples: Not allowing members with at-risk family, alternate
hours shifts, limiting time spent in shop, and having customers wait outside
   - Trend: Shops are limiting their capacity for work to reduce
transmission risk
         - Examples: Reduced hours, reduced amount of stations, elimination
of drop-in hours
   - Insight: Shop staff are becoming pods

Hope this can help your organizations consider how they are operating and
in making decisions.

Hang in there.

Robert Grossman
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