[TheThinkTank] Capacity for Providing Services Trends & Insights from Safe Shop Operations Workshop (Robert Grossman)

Geoffrey Smart bizlooptyltd at gmail.com
Mon Jul 13 02:42:50 PDT 2020

Hi All

I was unable to join that session and appreciate you writing up the

I would add that  we made the following observations at a recent Zoom
meeting that seem to be in accord with those observations.

We are experiencing less diversity in the workshop for 2 almost opposite

 We had to exclude some people due to their refusal to take social
distancing seriously.

 Women  who are already a minority have mainly self excluded due to their
perception of the risk of attending.

One of our women has volunteered to reach out to volunteers who have not
attended recently   and encourage them to attend.

We just entered partial lockdown again so this has not helped.

Geoff Smart

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