[TheThinkTank] More Results From the Safe and Effective Shop Operations Workshop

Robert Grossman rgrossman7 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 24 16:24:05 PDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

Here are some of the possible solutions that were put together by
participants during the Safe and Effective Shop Operations Workshop.  Thank
you for your patience with me getting these out while I finish my last
Masters class.

These are based around the three categories of Volunteer Management,
Capacity for Providing Services, and Safe operations.  It considers what
services can be offered, the activities involved, and the cultural context.


   - *More emails for volunteers *
        - Separate from full list

   - *Sending home bikes for repair with experienced volunteers*
        - Distributive model: have "certified" volunteers who can do some
   repairs/ bike distribution in their neighborhoods
        - Being okay doing less, but with more effort
        - Different volunteers have different comfort/saftey levels. Making
   sure the most vulnerable/concerned are protected
       - Tool Library

   - *Assigned Contributions*
        - People used to be able to choose where they wanted to contribute
   but choices are limited due to health/safety and various concerns/needs
   around what health and safety is


   - *Fixing bikes for people without fees* (fundraiser helped)
        - No more than three mechanics opposed to 8. Fourth person is the
   greeter or bouncer.
        - Limited advertising for fear of being overwhelmed

   - *Come back to mission statement for guidance or to pivot*

   - *Online live classes*
        - Focus on certain aspects of bike such as derailleur adjustment,
        - Alternative to Zoom: Jitsi <- open source, Google Meet (These all
   have call-in function with regular phone)
        - Online is easy for people with means to reliable internet and
   smartphones / computer

   - *"Zoom Shift" *
        - Open q&a time for community members
        - Podcast has a lower barrier to access than Zoom?
        - concerns about equity - some ppl have more access and
   understanding of online tools than others


   - *Offering pay-for-service repairs rather than DIY*
        - With transit shut down in some places, more people are biking.
        - Dr & Nurses get a discounted rate.
       - Cleaning in evening.
        - Sanitizing rentals between customers. Or let them sit for a few
        - repair service can be on sliding scale

   - *Only key volunteers allowed in shop*
        - Not accepting new volunteers

   - *Programming changes*
        - Summer camp canceled or reduced

People are worried about what's happening and what's going to happen in
future / fall.  Especially in the US.  That's totally understandable.  It
might be best if your organization spent an hour or two building scenarios
of what the future might look like to assist with planning.  Here's an
article talking about how to do it
https://www.wired.com/1995/11/how-to-build-scenarios/.  Please reach out if
you have any questions.

Hang in there.  You've all got this.

Robert Grossman
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