[TheThinkTank] Online Collaborative Workshop on Safe & Effective Shop Operations

Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Wed Jun 10 01:01:56 PDT 2020

I'd like to attend, if it's ok that I'm a maybe.

~cyclista Nicholas

On 2020-06-05 21:43, Robert Grossman wrote:
> I wanted to invite the bike collective community to a collaborative 
> online
> workshop  to make a bit more sense of operating safely & effectively 
> both
> in the short and long terms, volunteer management, and shop's capacity 
> for
> providing services.
> Day: Friday June 12
> Time: 3pm Central Time
> This will be a three-part structured workshop where participants will 
> be
> paired up with each other and begin to chart the trends they are 
> seeing. We
> will then look at these as a group. The second part will be working
> together in small groups to sort out what services you feel are 
> critical to
> address, the activities to make them happen, and what the cultural 
> aspects
> for each will be. The final part will be individual or by shop, by 
> focusing
> on who it is you are serving, what you are offering them, the 
> opportunities
> there, and the risks involved.
> I realize that some shops have already figured this stuff out, but I 
> know
> there are several that are still struggling with it. This is to help 
> them.
> It would be great to have participants who can share how they have 
> worked
> things out.
> It is a 45 minute long workshop. We will be using Zoom for meeting 
> together
> and Freehand by Invision to collaborate. I built this workshop in grad
> school and this is the first time doing it digitally. I plan to record 
> it
> so I can see what works and what doesn't.  Please go easy me :p
> Email me directly if you are interested and I will send you the 
> invites.
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