[TheThinkTank] Callout for cycling-inspired street-graffiti photo / KS Project

andrei skillsofbike at gmail.com
Wed Jun 17 15:53:59 PDT 2020

We are in the planning stage of our 3rd *Kickstarter* publishing venture,
this time centered around *bicycles / women / emancipation*. And we are
looking for a particular kind of contribution.

Conceived here, in Montreal, but with collaborators all over Europe and
Americas, our two previous Kickstarter projects (here http://tiny.cc/3k4ymz
and here http://tiny.cc/zl4ymz) were very much concerned with strong social
issues - Spanish Civil War, women combating fascism and their role in

This new undertaking looks to bring together the utilitarian object that is
the bicycle with practical paper-based artifacts, like calendars and
playing cards. These two are then editorially balanced by a book, designed
to celebrate the bicycle as a symbol and facilitator of the women’s
emancipation movement.

Send us a cycling-inspired street-graffiti photo. Or multiple photos / of
multiple graffiti, from your city walls, ideally including permission or,
at least, the artist name, if known, in order to credit the work. Please
specify which name you’d like to be credited to in your email.

We will integrate them in the calendar design, and will feature the name or
image of the organization of your choice on the Kickstarter crowdfunding
and our own social media platforms.

We will offer a generous number of free calendars for you to use as fund
raisers. You also get an additional discount on the combo award (calendar -
deck of cards).

You have until July 30th 2020 to send in your photos. Your contributions
can be sent to:

skillsofbike at gmail.com or

Andrei at bookata.com

Happy biking, happy shooting.
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