[TheThinkTank] How Were Your Organizational Transitions?

Thomas Butler thomas.unavailable at gmail.com
Thu Jun 18 16:13:33 PDT 2020

I’m interested to hear from people whose organizations made transitions

volunteer-centric to staff-centric

all-donation to grant-(or retail-)funded

consensus-run to exclusive/majoritarian board (or something else)

In particular what were peoples’ objections to the transition? What
problems or pitfalls were there? Did the shop lose its independence? What
net-negatives were there (even if overwhelmingly outweighed by all the

Please feel free to reply to my personal email here if there’s something
you don’t want to put on blast:

thomas.unavailable at gmail.com

My interest is not regarding articles of incorporation or how to fill out
501c3 paperwork. (there are threads on those topics in TheThinkTank archives
if anyone is curious). Your testimonial is likely more relevant if your
organization's incorporation is far in the past relative to its

Thank you all so much for the work you do in your own communities and for
the work you do in this community of ours.

Thomas Butler

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Austin’s Yellow Bike Project
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