[TheThinkTank] Outdoor public repair stands

Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Fri Jun 26 01:45:42 PDT 2020

I thought I already replied to this thread but I guess I didn't. We have 
had an outdoor workstation since shortly after the pandemic hit, and 
it's been in constant use day and night. Photos are in our facebook 

One of the clamps became a little loose at one point, but a couple extra 
long deck screws fixed it just fine.

~cyclista Nicholas

On 2020-06-11 16:06, Kim Schaffer wrote:
> Hi all,
> Has anyone had success with installing and maintaining outdoor repair
> stations in your community? I am interested in exploring what it would
> mean to install outside our bike shops, and I am understandably
> hearing concerns around vandalism/required upkeep.
> Thank you for any thoughts!
> Kim Schaffer
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