[TheThinkTank] the virus and community bike shops, essential services thought

Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Sun Mar 15 20:19:11 PDT 2020

Here's Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles decision/policy, posted last night.

For reference, April 13 is when public schools will be closed until 
here, and two of the projects mentioned below completed today and two 
others the day before. We have one project left, a father and daughter 
build project that is nearly done, but I doubt they will come in during 
this time. Also, we only have one or two volunteers and one person on 
staff (me) right now, though we were in the middle of hiring and new 
staff training for up to four people may be scheduled over this break, 
absent symptoms permitting. The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases here 
currently is one, and this is a city with three higher education 
institutions, one of them being Cornell, so it's likely the actual 
current infections are higher.

"Hi everyone,

We're all shuffling our cards in an attempt  to come up with best 
practices for moving forward through this pandemic, and RIBs is 
committed to doing its best to make choices that help.

Here are the changes Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles will be implementing from 
Sunday, March 15, to Wednesday, April 13 in response to these 

- Open shop will be closed. This means we will not be allowing any use 
of the space for public work on bikes. Exceptions will be made for the 
two or three people whose projects here are currently in progress.

- We will retain our normal hours, but for retail and volunteering only.

- Strict sanitary procedures will be enforced on the property and posted 
throughout the premises.

- Open shop on Saturday will be replaced with a weekly group ride (look 
for more details coming soon).

- Volunteer nights on Mondays are now closed.

- Some basic tools will be leashed to the racks outside the front of the 
shop for people to work on their own bikes.

- We will reassess all measures for COVID-19 on an ongoing basis, 
posting updates here and on the Tompkins County Human Services Listserv.

We greatly value all of our community and hope to resume open shop as 
soon as safety permits.

Please take care of yourselves."

~cyclista Nicholas

On 2020-03-14 19:55, peter at BikeClarkCounty.org wrote:
> Free community volunteer delivery by car/bike for elderly/needy:
> https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfAMZHbn6md19Tb28SM53ayFAQK02xJv1NXVjL-J26tDZOQ-g/viewform
> https://bikeportland.org/2020/03/12/cycling-through-the-covid-19-outbreak-312378
>> On Mar 13, 2020, at 11:38 AM, Bob Giordano <mist at strans.org> wrote:
>> Just a quick thought on 'essential services':
>> I think that community bicycle shops are essential
>> for healthy, vibrant, socially just communities,
>> in today's 'modern' age.... especially as a long
>> term strategy to improve our cooperative systems.
>> Community bicycle shops are likely not essential
>> as far as absolute survival and in the context of
>> remaining open during this pandemic.
>> Hopefully we've all done enough community work
>> to help people learn skills to work together
>> and fix things, with our without a dedicated
>> space.
>> Just wanted to put this thought out there, as
>> many shops are deciding how to move forward.
>> Thanks, Bob Giordano, Free Cycles Missoula
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