[TheThinkTank] emergency bicycle services, helping each other

Bob Giordano mist at strans.org
Thu Mar 19 13:41:14 PDT 2020

Free Cycles Missoula closed immediately last week
after we asked 'what are others thinking?'.

We decided to not have people gather at all here,
even outside the shop with tools/pump.

We did however lock an emergency bike in
front, a couple times so far, for a couple
people with emergency needs. We did the same
with a couple 'people's project' bikes that
were very close to ridable, and the person
could come take it away at their convenience.

There is a mutual aid group that just formed
here in Missoula, and we are working with
them to find safe and responsible ways to
continue 'emergency service'.

Missoula is very walkable, fortuneately.

We also had a local foundation reach out and ask,
'How are you doing?' She indicated that their
foundation will be looking to help non profits
very soon. I imagine foundations everywhere are
discussing the same thing. Please be in touch with
any and all funding agencies, as help is likely to
come to those that help others.

Missoula County just 'forbear' the next round of
loan payments (we utilized one of their economic
development loans to purchase this property),
so that helps us too.

Let's continue to try to help each other, as we

Bob Giordano, Director, Free Cycles Missoula

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