[TheThinkTank] Rubbing alcohol substitutes, spraying grips with bleach, etc.

Andrew Shaw-Kitch andrew at b4hpdx.org
Fri Mar 20 20:56:04 PDT 2020

Thanks for the lively conversation on how to ride the line between serving
our community and doing our part not to spread covid-19. This is an
unprecedented situation from all angles, so it's nice to have this group of
like-minded folks from all over looking at things from this one.

Here at Bikes for Humanity PDX we have postponed all classes, in-person
programs, and open hours. We are doing bike adoptions on an appointment
basis: (1) bikes are posted online for folks to browse, folks referred to
us from partner organizations describe what they are looking for (2) a time
is set 30 mins+ away from another appointment, and the adopter is asked if
they'll need helmet, light, and/or lock. (3) We meet in the parking lot
behind our space with a couple bike options, and any other items they might
need. We feel this is a satisfactory means toward meeting the needs of
people trying to access bikes as either a diversion or way to get to work,
as well as our own needs of revenue and the fulfillment of our mission.

Does anyone have insight on how to maximize social distancing and minimize
shared contact of surfaces? I am also interested from a mechanical
perspective, what the effect of watered down bleach is on grips, saddles,
bar wrap. Since we only have so much rubbing alcohol, and it won't be
easier to acquire anytime soon, we are looking for a way to ensure contact
points are sterilized going forward. Spray bleach-water on grips and wipe
with rag designated as the touch-points sanitizing rag?

And since rubbing alcohol is now prioritized for non-bike purposes, what is
another means of cleaning bearing systems, rims and disc rotors? I will be
taking the crisis/opportunity ("crisitunity" in the phrasing of Homer
Simpson) of having the doors closed to catch up refurbishment of the 100
bikes in our basement...



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*andrew at b4hpdx.org <andrewsk.b4hpdx at gmail.com>*

*Our mission is to increase access to safe and affordable bikes while
empowering self-sufficiency in bike maintenance and commuting.*
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