[TheThinkTank] staff review docs

Geoff Heath mech at thewrench.ca
Mon Mar 23 16:13:38 PDT 2020

Hey folks
So all this Covid-19/work from home whackiness has left me with some much
needed admin time.  Silver lining?
I'm looking at revamping our staff reviews.  I've attached what we used
last year, which was great in lots of ways and a doc I want to continue to
use.  It's a goal-setting/self-review doc that I took the feedback from and
worked performance feedback into.
But I'm considering alternating years with a more traditional review
process that measures folks' natural skillsets & personalities against
their job descriptions and performance.
Anyone have a staff performance review that they like and find useful?

Geoff Heath, Education Director
The Winnipeg Repair Education N' Cycling Hub
1057 Logan Ave. Winnipeg, MB  R3E 3N8
Treaty 1 Territory, Homeland of the Metis Nation
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