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Kevin Dwyer kevidwyer at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 18:12:27 PDT 2020

Great way to stay productive and improve the org! I like the contents of
the document and its tone, though I would change the "I" statements in the
intro to "we". Some non-open ended questions could serve to rank things or
get info about certain work subject matter (Here is a list of X essential
functions, please rate A. your interest and B. your ability for each one).
Think about very specific daily work things like lunch, open hours, pricing
and see if you can get info that is helpful for the individual and org.

I'm familiar with 360 degree reviews and they have worked well for the
persons and orgs. They seem particularly appropriate and useful for flat
organizations like co-ops and collectives where it is more like peer review
and how the org often functions in practice.



On Mon, Mar 23, 2020 at 5:13 PM Geoff Heath <mech at thewrench.ca> wrote:

> Hey folks
> So all this Covid-19/work from home whackiness has left me with some much
> needed admin time.  Silver lining?
> I'm looking at revamping our staff reviews.  I've attached what we used
> last year, which was great in lots of ways and a doc I want to continue to
> use.  It's a goal-setting/self-review doc that I took the feedback from and
> worked performance feedback into.
> But I'm considering alternating years with a more traditional review
> process that measures folks' natural skillsets & personalities against
> their job descriptions and performance.
> Anyone have a staff performance review that they like and find useful?
> Thanks!
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Kevin Dwyer

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