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Carlyn Arteaga carlyn.arteaga at bicas.org
Thu Mar 26 14:55:50 PDT 2020

I appreciate you sharing all your thoughts and ideas.

At BICAS in Tucson we had to dismantle our outdoor fix a flat station.
Staff working alone inside the shop witnessed clumps of people congregating
very close to each other and at least one individual who was there for 3
hours coughing on everything. As much was we wanted to help people out, we
couldn't justify the germ spreading station we had created.

We have approved a skeleton plan for opening for limited repair services in
a couple weeks. How are others handling this? How do you do intakes? By
appointment only or do you take walk ins?  How are you protecting your
people and the public? How are you sanitizing bikes you work on? And in
what ways do you see your services as an "essential service," keeping in
mind that any interfacing with the public right now involves some amount of
risk, for which the ultimate potential consequence is death? Or if you have
decided to remain closed, how did you arrive at that decision, knowing that
there are people who need bike help and are not going to be able to access

I know these are the Big Questions (esp the last couple) we're all
grappling with right now, I just wanted to have some frank conversations
about why doing what we're doing right now so we can all chew it over.

Please be kind with one another as we respond. None of us has the playbook
for this crisis or truly even enough data yet to know which decisions will
end of being the right ones in the end.
Thank you all in advance,


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