[TheThinkTank] Remote Learning in the Age of Coronavirus

Wade Rubinstein wade at bikeconnector.org
Tue May 5 07:09:23 PDT 2020

Hi.  I run an in school Earn-A-Bike and open workshop program in Lowell,
Massachusetts.  All schools in Massachusetts, including the Lowell Public
Schools, are closed for the remainder of the school year.  Schools are
moving to remote learning plans.

How to adapt?  What are your suggestions on creating remote learning
programs and activities that engage students in cycling during the summer
months (and possibly during the next school year)?

Some students have access to bikes.  Some do not.  For students that do
have bikes, many of their bikes are in disrepair.  I'm sitting on a sizable
inventory of donated bicycles that need refurbishment.

Most students have access to a SmartPhone and/or other digital device
(laptop, Chromebook, tablet).

Many thanks for your input.

The Bike Connector
Lowell, Massachusetts
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