[TheThinkTank] Remote Learning in the Age of Coronavirus

Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Tue May 5 18:13:50 PDT 2020


Your principles for your class sound really solid. We're pretty busy 
over here with sales and customer repairs, but I've been thinking on 
doing e-learning anyway and would love to see what you've built.

In particular, the idea of there being a quiz on the information seems 
good for our mission, so I'm excited to see how you've laid that out.

~cyclista Nicholas

On 2020-05-05 20:47, Ainsley Naylor wrote:
> I spent April putting together an *online bicycle education class* for
> Charlie's Freewheels in Toronto.
> It does not teach "mechanics" as I don't believe we can teach repair to
> people who a) likely know nothing or very little about bicycles b) do 
> not
> have access to tools c) do not have access to parts.
> The program is made up of 3 classes, each of which covers 3 topics:
> 1) Bicycle anatomy, types of bikes and fit, safe tool use
> 2) Mechanical systems - bearings, brakes, drivetrain
> 3) Safety - Safety Checks, road safety (Ontario), Safety equipment
> (including helmet fit/adjustment)
> All of the material is presented as introductory information.
> The program is available through our website and includes a quiz for 
> each
> class hosted on the Google Classroom platform.
> We ask youth to register, then I send them the information on the class 
> and
> the login to access the website pages.
> *For those who indicate they do not have a bike* I will be tuning up
> donated bikes in our workspace and matching them to the students, then
> arranging for a no-contact pick up.
> *We launched the class yesterday, already have 22 students signed up, 
> with
> 12 indicating need for a bicycle.* One person finished the classes in 
> one
> evening so I have to find a bike to build for them tomorrow, haha!
> If this goes well, I will be working on more involved classes that use 
> the
> same framework and platform for teaching. Again, focussing on teaching
> people about bikes and how they work, not necessarily trying to teach 
> them *how
> to fix their own bike*.
> If anyone would like to view the material send me a message and I will 
> send
> you the website/login.
> Thanks,
> Ainsley (Bike Pirates/Charlie's Freewheels, Toronto)
> On Tue, May 5, 2020 at 10:09 AM Wade Rubinstein 
> <wade at bikeconnector.org>
> wrote:
>> Hi.  I run an in school Earn-A-Bike and open workshop program in 
>> Lowell,
>> Massachusetts.  All schools in Massachusetts, including the Lowell 
>> Public
>> Schools, are closed for the remainder of the school year.  Schools are
>> moving to remote learning plans.
>> How to adapt?  What are your suggestions on creating remote learning
>> programs and activities that engage students in cycling during the 
>> summer
>> months (and possibly during the next school year)?
>> Some students have access to bikes.  Some do not.  For students that 
>> do
>> have bikes, many of their bikes are in disrepair.  I'm sitting on a 
>> sizable
>> inventory of donated bicycles that need refurbishment.
>> Most students have access to a SmartPhone and/or other digital device
>> (laptop, Chromebook, tablet).
>> Many thanks for your input.
>> Wade
>> The Bike Connector
>> Lowell, Massachusetts
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