[TheThinkTank] California bike co-ops/community shops?

Jane Voodikon jane.voodikon at gmail.com
Tue May 12 13:52:00 PDT 2020

To any community bike spaces located in California:

The communications person from CalBike is looking to interview people on
their spaces' needs during the pandemic, as part of a larger campaign to
find funding/support. Please see Laura's email below and reach out to her
if you'd like to chat!


I do communications for CalBike and I’m working on a post for CalBike’s
website about community bike shops and what kind of support they need right
now.  I’d love to chat with someone about what’s going on at your
organization right now and what kind of support you need to help you keep
serving the community.

Let me know if someone is available to chat and we can set up a time for an

Thank you,

Laura McCamy
laura at calbike.org
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