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Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Mon May 25 16:03:44 PDT 2020

And if anyone needs pointers on the nuances of approaching people for 
money, I can help with that. As far as search terms go, you are looking 
at phrases such as "funding is being made available for" or "accepting 
proposals" or "is distributing funds" - in other words, don't just 
search for the word "grant".

For a lot of the entities on this listserv this may be remedial - I 
don't mean to presume anything about what anyone knows. Only that there 
are some who don't, and may find it useful. Please, anyone else, feel 
free to chime in.

~cylista Nicholas

On 2020-05-25 22:53, Cyclista Nicholas wrote:
> Ok! If it was only one person, I'd reply to them. But I'm busy enough
> right now that I'll just make this a thread for the list.
> A lot of what I have to contribute is about physical and fiscal
> workflows - those are my specialities wrt community bike shops. I'm
> not as experienced with tax classifications or government
> requirements, but I can share what I know.
> Here in Ithaca, we have something called the HSCTCL - the Human
> Services Listserv of Tompkins County. It's sort of one-stop shopping
> for all things human services related. It functions in a similar way
> to this listserv, in that job openings at local nonprofits and public
> services are posted there, as well as other notifications such as
> community events or changes in statuses. As you might imagine, it's a
> central place where our city is coordinating efforts and information
> surrounding COVID-19 response.
> So my first suggestion is to find out if your local area has such a
> listserv, and get on it, but also to check to see if that listserv has
> its archives online anywhere, so that you can see if there were grants
> posted recently but previous to your joining.
> My second suggestion, if that can't work for you, is to contact your
> local municipality directly - city hall, town hall, even chamber of
> commerce or office of the city council. It may take awhile to get
> through because everyone everywhere is swamped, but you shoul dbe able
> to catch a thread somewhere.
> Josh, your situation is somewhat different because of physically where
> you're situated. I imagine  the resources (and red tape) in the NYC
> area are vast. You'll have a bit more of a maze to get through, but
> also possibly more diversity of resources to draw  from. I imagine
> every entity from religious groups to neighborhood groups, to
> high-profile entities like the Salvation Army or the United Way, to
> places such as Elks Lodges or the like, has funds they are
> distributing. In NYC, maybe they are all tapped out? The people I know
> in NYC arent in the nonprofit sector so I don't have better info than
> speculation. If there was a central public services listserv in the
> NYC area, I'd be shocked. There's simply too much information. But I
> imagine you can also make calls to public human-services related
> offices and wind your way down the maze. You might also try joining
> forces with Time's Up! I've never worked with them, but I've heard
> they have a significant amount of workspace.
> Things to consider as well, while strategizing:
> - many people are making more money now on unemployment than they were
> previously. I don't know yet how much work is allowed before losing
> unemployment benefits, if any; this may make some mechanics reluctant
> to take the work, or may mean your project is confined to volunteer
> work only (can still be a huge finacial boost to your org)
> - unlike a lot of what we do, which requires a mixture of educational
> experience and social outreach, what is required for this particular
> purpose is simply mechanical skill, so there may be more workers
> qualified for this task than woul dotherwise be considered (a lot of
> mechanics aren't really people-persons)
> The main thing is to get people in to help you repair bikes you have
> on hand for sale. Whether it's as volunteers, or with the incentive of
> income, the one missing element here is personnel.
> I've also found that when we're open, I spend literally the entire
> time of open hours interacting with customers. Any bike work has to be
> done before or after (or just aside from) open hours. The old status
> of working on bikes at the same time we're open is completely out the
> window.
> ~cyclista Nicholas
> On 2020-05-25 22:17, Kai Addae wrote:
>> I'd also love to be part of any conversation that happens around
>> funding/public policy! We are swamped with people buying bikes right 
>> now,
>> and can't fix up bikes fast enough, which means we'll have a shortage 
>> of
>> bikes that we can donate out to our non-profit partners when the time
>> comes.
>> Warmly,
>> Kai Addae
>> Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op <https://bsbc.co/>
>> On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 4:31 PM Josh Bisker <jbisker at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> I want this advice and pointers about funding and public policy. 
>>> Please
>>> let's talk
>>> Josh Bisker
>>> 914-500-9890
>>> New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op <http://bikecoop.nyc/>
>>> 596 Acres <http://596acres.org/>
>>> Bindlestiff Family Cirkus <http://bindlestiff.org/>
>>> On Mon, May 25, 2020 at 4:24 PM Cyclista Nicholas 
>>> <cyclista at inventati.org>
>>> wrote:
>>>> Hi everyone,
>>>> I've heard everywhere that bikes are in extremely short supply,
>>>> especially because of an extremely high demand currently, and that 
>>>> this
>>>> dynamic is even more pronounced due to tariffs imposed on China.
>>>> Now obviously, this might spur domestic production of bicycles, 
>>>> which
>>>> maybe could be awesome. But in the meantime, it isn't awesome - 
>>>> people
>>>> can't get bikes.
>>>> Those of us out there - maybe most of us - who deal primarily in 
>>>> used
>>>> bikes, in the meantime *are* (or can be) that domestic production.
>>>> I'm bringing this up in case anyone hasn't though of it all or 
>>>> really
>>>> processed it yet, because I imagine everyone's local or even state
>>>> governments are currently accepting proposals for various grants.
>>>> At this time, collectively, we literally, physically are positioned 
>>>> to
>>>> be major gatekeepers to possibly tens of thousands of people 
>>>> becoming
>>>> cyclists or resuming cycling who otherwise wouldn't, when major
>>>> retailers and various LBS have no ability to meet demand.
>>>> This is also a huge opportunity to turn the general public on to the
>>>> goodness and soundness of reused bikes. A lot of people think if 
>>>> it's
>>>> old or used, it's diminished in some way. All of us know that isn't
>>>> true, and now we have a greater ability than ever to prove the truth 
>>>> of
>>>> this message.
>>>> Here at Recycle Ithaca's Bicycles we've been running nonstop, though
>>>> with a skeleton crew, since the virus hit, and reusing old bikes for
>>>> ecological reasons has been one of our primary purposes for several
>>>> decades. I'm sure most of you don't need it, but if anyone needs or
>>>> wants pointers or advice, I'd be happy to help. Getting funding to 
>>>> pay
>>>> mechanics or hire additional mechanics is probably the starting 
>>>> point.
>>>> Survive, cyclistas!!! <3
>>>> ~cyclista Nicholas
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