[TheThinkTank] 6 month Bike "Checkout" System w/ the option to buy

Audrey Wiedemeier audrey at bikelibrary.org
Fri Nov 6 08:16:44 PST 2020

Hello Friends:

Yesterday the Bike Library Checkout App that is custom built html failed to
load. It won't be an easy fix as the Bike Lib. app was running on a really
old version of php; a version that is no longer supported. The code is at
least ten years old and likely will need to be completely rewritten. That
being said, we need to decide to rewrite the code or query other operations
out there.

The order of operation for the Checkout System is:
- find a bike, put down a deposit of $100-$300, sign the liability waiver,
patron takes bike
- on our end each bike has a 4-digit number that gets entered into our
system with bike specs and the 6 month "due date" is recorded with that
- six months go by and the patron can return the bike for a refund of their
deposit minus $50 OR they simply keep the bike and we keep their deposit $.
- if they return it we make sure we have an updated mailing address, and
the app lets us know how much we need to write the check out for to send
via snail mail

My questions to y'all are:

1 Do other shops operate in a similar fashion? If so, what POS system are
you using?

2 Are there other shops out there who would want to replicate this checkout
system? We have always wanted to make it easier to share and now would be
the time to do it.

3 Have you heard of any new tech solutions that we should research? I've
heard it's easier than ever to build your own app and I've fallen behind so
maybe is a simple solution.

Peace & grease,

*Audrey Wiedemeier* (She/her/hers)
Iowa City Bike Library, Director

700 S. Dubuque St, Iowa City
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