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Tegan Moss [B!KE] director at communitybikeshop.org
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B!KE began using MyTurn.com in April and we are very happy with it. We
started a small bicycle tool library
<https://communitybikeshop.myturn.com/library/> and are also using my turn
to very successfully manage our membership database.

We chose MyTurn over other platforms because it is a company that is deeply
invested in the sharing economy. It has flexibility (like sliding scale
fees) that really reflects the needs of a more grass roots organizational
approach. I think it could easily be configured to have check-out fees and
partial refunds with a return. The lead developer Gene is great. I would
suggest folks take a look at it if you are looking for either a library
system or need affordable support with member management.


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> Today's Topics:
>    1. Re: 6 month Bike "Checkout" System w/ the option to buy
>       (Bill Leddy)
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> Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2020 10:39:07 -0800
> Subject: Re: [TheThinkTank] 6 month Bike "Checkout" System w/ the option
> to buy
> Hi All,
> Before I begin, I apologize in advance for the length of this post…
> I’m new to this list. I’ve been a volunteer with Sacramento Area Bicycle
> Advocates (SABA) for a number of years. As part of my work at SABA I’ve
> created a few on-line systems that we have been using.
> Commenting on Jonathan’s post, though I’m not fluent in PHP, assuming the
> source code is available (very likely) that sounds like a good way to get
> your system back on line quickly. As a next step, finding someone to
> upgrade the code to a modern version of PHP would surly be quicker and
> easier than starting from scratch. On the other hand, sometimes with
> experience gained, a substantial re-write may make the app a lot better.
> As a kinda-sorta response to Audrey’s question about other systems, I’d
> like to share something I’m currently working on for SABA which I hope may
> be relevant.
> When “the thing” started in March, a number of bike organizations began
> “Bike Match” programs with a focus on getting under used bikes into the
> hands of essential workers who were having trouble commuting to their jobs
> etc. It stated in NY and DC, I believe, as a one on one match making scheme
> where the donor and recipient would make their own arrangements to meet and
> hand off the bike. SABA tried setting up a similar program but in a
> smaller, far less dense city, the logistics simply did not work. The
> distances between the donors and recipients are too great. There was a lot
> of bike schlepping on our part so it just didn’t scale.
> We are on the verge of relaunching SABA BikeMatch with a very different
> approach which, after viewing the Bike Library site, sounds an awful lot
> like what Audrey’s organization is doing but with a bit of an on-line
> shopping element. Rather than scheduling people to come in and find a bike,
> we plan to post the available bikes on line. Bikes are reserved for a very
> limited time with a specific appointment date and time. At the appointed
> time, the recipient comes to pickup their bike. If they don’t show, the
> bike automatically becomes available for someone else.
> You can play around with the development site here:
> https://bikematch.williesworkshop.net  Feel free to “reserve” a bike and
> check it out.
> The site is still in development but should all work, as far as it goes. I
> would love to hear feed back and any suggestions or questions you have.
> Getting back to Audrey’s question, I could imagine this system expanding
> to include a Library functionality. I think all the major pieces are there.
> I look forward to hearing your comments.
> In case there is anyone still reading this, I have another system which
> I’ve created that other organizations may be interested in...
> What with “the thing” this year SABA has not been doing too many public
> events but we used to do a lot of Valet Bike Parking and a community bike
> repair program we call Bike MD. After using another system for years, I was
> finally fed up enough with what I thought were short comings and created a
> system for publicizing events and allowing volunteers and staff to schedule
> themselves for shifts. You can check it out here:
> https://events.sacbike.org
> For those of a technical frame of mind, it’s open source written in Python
> and is available at: http://github.com/wleddy/staffing
> The site is not entirely customizable at this time, but if anyone is
> interested in making use of it, it might be just the push I need to clean
> it up.
> Regards,
>     Bill Leddy
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> > Date: Fri, 6 Nov 2020 23:05:04 -0500
> > Subject: Re: [TheThinkTank] 6 month Bike "Checkout" System w/ the option
> to buy
> > Hi Audrey,
> >
> > Is the code for the Bike Library Checkout App available anywhere?
> >
> > Regardless, I should be able to provide a resolution for this issue. The
> easiest solution would be to run the app in a virtualized container that
> has the correct libraries. Exactly like with the reuse of bikes, you can
> reuse code.
> >
> > -Jonathan
> >
> >
> > On Fri, Nov 6, 2020 at 11:17 AM Audrey Wiedemeier <
> audrey at bikelibrary.org> wrote:
> > Hello Friends:
> >
> > Yesterday the Bike Library Checkout App that is custom built html failed
> to load. It won't be an easy fix as the Bike Lib. app was running on a
> really old version of php; a version that is no longer supported. The code
> is at least ten years old and likely will need to be completely rewritten.
> That being said, we need to decide to rewrite the code or query other
> operations out there.
> >
> > The order of operation for the Checkout System is:
> > - find a bike, put down a deposit of $100-$300, sign the liability
> waiver, patron takes bike
> > - on our end each bike has a 4-digit number that gets entered into our
> system with bike specs and the 6 month "due date" is recorded with that
> number
> > - six months go by and the patron can return the bike for a refund of
> their deposit minus $50 OR they simply keep the bike and we keep their
> deposit $.
> > - if they return it we make sure we have an updated mailing address, and
> the app lets us know how much we need to write the check out for to send
> via snail mail
> >
> > My questions to y'all are:
> >
> > 1 Do other shops operate in a similar fashion? If so, what POS system
> are you using?
> >
> > 2 Are there other shops out there who would want to replicate this
> checkout system? We have always wanted to make it easier to share and now
> would be the time to do it.
> >
> > 3 Have you heard of any new tech solutions that we should research? I've
> heard it's easier than ever to build your own app and I've fallen behind so
> maybe is a simple solution.
> >
> >
> >
> > Peace & grease,
> >
> > Audrey Wiedemeier (She/her/hers)
> > Iowa City Bike Library, Director
> >
> > 700 S. Dubuque St, Iowa City
> > COVID Hours: Tues. - Thurs. 10 AM - 5 PM; Sat. 10 - 3 PM
> > Need something? Set up an appointment by email.
> > Want to donate? Drop off anytime during these hours. Thank you!
> >
> > BikeLibrary.org
> > C: (515) 450-1651
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