[TheThinkTank] Paying People who Refurbish Bikes

Cyclista Nicholas cyclista at inventati.org
Fri Nov 27 03:32:18 PST 2020


We had an offer open to mechanics we deemed to be working at or near 
professional levels, wherein they could be paid as contractors at a 
living wage to fix up bikes for sale.

It was thought of as a win/win because people who would otherwise have 
been repairing bikes for free would be getting paid, and the shop would 
get a lot more out of it financially than it was putting in, since what 
defined a bike set aside for fixing up to sell was that it had to meet 
the criteria of being repairable in an hour or two. We also considered 
offering a set price per bike instead.

In any case, no mechanic ever took us up on it, not sure why. You might 
talk about this with your community and find that it seems more likely 
to work in your situation.

cyclista Nicholas

On 2020-11-26 23:39, Tegan Moss [B!KE] wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> B!KE does not currently pay anyone to fix bikes. We do not have any 
> staff
> members who do repairs for clients or refurbish bicycles to sell. Our
> hundreds of refurb that get completed each year are currently done by
> volunteers.
> We have occasionally talked about how to compensate volunteers who are
> particularly prolific bike builders. What do other shops do? Do you pay
> people to refurbish bikes? Is it per bike or per hour? Are all bikes 
> worth
> the same amount? Are all bike builders compensated equally?
> If you have a system that is working well for your shop I would be very
> interested in talking to you about what you do. Please send me an email 
> if
> this is something you'd be open to talking about.
> Thanks,
> Tegan
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