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Lawrence Mohammed law at probikeservice.co.uk
Fri Nov 27 13:34:44 PST 2020

Hi Tegan, almost everything we do operates within a gift economy

  * Servicing has a labour 'value' attached as a guide of what this
    would be in a conventional workshop, people choose to pay what they
    feel/what they can - some pay the full amount, some overpay, some
    underpay, some simply receive.  We service bikes ranging from £50 to
    £10,000 (Bosch e-bike certified, etc)
  * We are often gifted old bikes (many that would be rejected by other
    non-profits and refused at a normal workshop but very occasionally,
    some that are worth a few hundred pounds).  We full service these,
    sometimes just keeping the frame and building up everything.  The
    money for parts (if not using good 2nd hand parts) is paid for by
    profits from servicing. Volunteers learn lots.
  * No one takes a salary, everyone gets lunch and coffees and travel
    (if they want) paid for.  Any personal bike servicing has no labour
    cost attached and free learning from a senior qualified mechanic.
  * I'm currently taking a training fee from a schools programme I
    designed and run once a week during term time.
  * We are training mechanics up to Cytech 2 and senior mechanics up to
    and beyond the level of Cytech 3 (though not certifying them due to
    cost at the moment).  We managed to get a community fund for
    training so far, but are building up a wiki resource for our own
    training programme which will become and remain open source....I've
    written programmes (and certified modular programmes) for a few
    organisations.  I've also been a teacher and trainer for about
    25years in various subjects.
  * w.r.t Refurbished bikes - these are valued at a going market rate  -
    and since Covid, people pay what they can for them.  I used to draw
    an income from this (this was the only income I drew) but after the
    pandemic, and with the training which I can live on (the rent of the
    flat I live in is currently gifted), I do not need any more money to
    get by with comfort.  The deep trust encourages others to share and
    deeply support the team - including for example during the pandemic
    when one volunteer became very ill and one of our community stepped
    up and gifted three months of therapy, twice per week (usually £100+
    per session).
  * The model we work in is making sure the team are well looked after
    so they can look after the community - it feeds back ;)
  * I'm exploring how to support future Workshop Managers at the moment
    as I'm still the Workshop Manager as well as the CEO & Head Mechanic
    (Accountant, lead trainer, etc etc) - not sure whether anyone else
    will step up to cover someone's rent but...who knows?! ;)

In service,

*Lawrence Mohammed*
CEO and Founder
Pro Bike Service C.I.C.
*+44 (0)77 222 58587*
*probikeservice.co.uk <https://probikeservice.co.uk>*

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Pro Bike Service C.I.C.
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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park
London E20 3BS
*map location <https://what3words.com/upset.habit.funds>*

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