[TheThinkTank] Staff + volunteers management

peter@BikeClarkCounty.org peter at bikeclarkcounty.org
Tue Oct 13 16:49:19 PDT 2020

Anyone out there have a good program (online) for managing staff + volunteer sign up for slots.  

We’re trying to stager as we add limited volunteers back to our schedule and google docs isn’t cutting it.  

Thanks, in advance! 

Pedal on… Peter.

Peter Van Tilburg
Executive Director, Board VP
Bike Clark County

Community Bike Shop:  
1604 Main St., Vancouver, WA. 98660
Wed-Sat 11am-6pm, Sunday 11am-4pm

c. 503.572.9894
peter at bikeclarkcounty.org
http://www.bikeclarkcounty.org/ <http://www.bikeclarkcounty.org/>
Bike Clark County is equipping, empowering, and connecting youth to our community.

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