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Geoffrey Smart bizlooptyltd at gmail.com
Wed Oct 21 03:54:24 PDT 2020

Hi All,

Like Dr Cranky's we are the state of Victoria Australia which unlike other
states has undergone the longest lockdown anywhere in the world.   Measures
have included a limit of 5km movement except for going to work in the few
areas that are operational. It's now been relaxed to 25km.

Fortunately bike shops could undertake urgent repairs and now we are
finally allowed to refurbish bikes for sale and donation but under strict

Some of the effects have been extra stress on our shop managers who spend
at least an hour a day cleaning. There is also a Covid protocol with
checklists to be completed.

Our volunteers have been limited to 4 per day and even with many volunteers
self excluding we have to run a roster to limit volunteers. This
contradicts our previous policy of allowing anyone to volunteer any day.

Everyone must wear masks and disposable work gloves which can be difficult
and the enforcement is another stress for the managers.

For cleanliness reasons our kitchen is closed so we now get in takeaway for
volunteers everyday.

Any sales and servicing is click and collect with no interaction with the

Fortunately we have been the beneficiaries of some government largesse
which has to some extent allowed us to continue with our work.

One of the unfortunate side effects has been a dip in the diversity of
volunteers. At our next online meeting rebuilding diversity, especially
women will be on the agenda.

The flip side of the lockdown is that the state is  finally getting under 5
new infections a day and the restrictions are gradually being relaxed.

Geoff Smart
Port Melbourne

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