[TheThinkTank] Hiring Programs Manager Bike Kitchen Vancouver/UBC

Étienne Hossack etienne at hossack.me
Mon Apr 4 10:58:57 PDT 2022

Hi friends near and far!

We're hiring a Programs Manager at the Bike Kitchen in UBC Vancouver, here's a short blurb, and you can find a full posting on our website too: https://www.thebikekitchen.ca/job-board#programs-manager

Of course feel free to reach out with inquiries!


Located at the University of British Columbia, The Bike Kitchen provides UBC students and the wider Vancouver community with an accessible environment where they can learn about bicycle maintenance and cycling as a safe and sustainable means of transportation. We engage in education, outreach, and advocacy through our programs and our community bike shop. For more details on our programs and services, please visit _thebikekitchen.ca_ <http://www.thebikekitchen.ca/>.

The Bike Kitchen is hiring a new Programs Manager for a full-time position (32-40 hours per week) on a 2 year renewable contract, beginning May 2nd, 2022 (flexible start date).* *

The Programs Manager (PM) directs programs and outreach to engage the community. The Bike Kitchen (BK) is governed by a student and community Board of Directors, who oversee and guide the vision and mission of the organization. The PM oversees operations and works closely with the BK’s Shop Manager to coordinate operations. Both managers hold equivalent roles as department managers.

At this time, we cannot accept applicants who are not currently eligible to work for the duration of the contract in Canada.

Board member of UBC Bike Kitchen + Co-op
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