[TheThinkTank] Free Standing Bike Rack for 19 Bikes

Gordon Hamachi gordon.hamachi at gmail.com
Mon Apr 11 02:51:04 PDT 2022

I recently designed and built an inexpensive free standing bike rack
suitable for shop use.  It holds 19 bikes vertically from hooks, with
alternating bikes pointing up and down, and with handlebars facing out.  My
goals were to:

- store lots of bikes using minimal floor space, in a place where
floor/wall hooks are not allowed
- easily be able to get to any bike
- easy to build
- low cost

Now I would like to share this design.  Here is a link to a six page PDF
file showing how to build this rack, how much the parts cost if purchased
new, and how to reduce the cost.


--Gordon Hamachi
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