[TheThinkTank] New York State bike survey - let’s get some convo on equity going!

Matt VanSlyke matt at uticabikerescue.org
Wed Feb 16 03:30:34 PST 2022

Hi Folks,
Please see below for important info on an effort going on here in NY.
Apologies for the forward, but this is the best way to get the right
information out there. The guy leading this effort is a long-time supporter
of community bike shops and a lifelong bike advocate. So let’s see if we
can help get some diverse voices to answer their survey.
Matt V
Utica Bike Rescue

I am writing to ask that you please share the FIRST EVER comprehensive "New
York State Bicycling Census" - funded by NYSERDA - with your agency's
extensive network of contacts across upstate*.*  (*The survey, linked here
<https://nyserda.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_aaOKnyxZSgkskmi>, will be
open for several months.*)

The purpose of this survey is to help determine who is biking across New
York, why they are riding a bike (e.g., health and wellness, daily
transportation, reduce an individual's carbon footprint), in what context
(urban, ex-urban, rural, on and off road - from small towns to large
cities!) and whether or not connecting to mass transit is part of an
individual's bike equation.

*All participants will be entered to win one of three $150 Planet bike gift
cards being offered - and no email addresses or other personal information
will be shared or saved.   *

With a robust dataset, and we have already received 1500 responses in a
week since soft launching this effort, we can help decision makers, elected
officials and an engaged public to implement policies and programs to
accelerate more and safer cycling policies and funding.

*HOWEVER*, *there is a strong equity component to this survey effort that I
believe your organization can help us address*.   We know there are huge
numbers of low income folks and people of color who ride bikes,
particularly for transportation, and the dataset we collect simply must
reflect the reality that we live in a very diverse state.   Frankly, if
this is a survey of old white guys who wear spandex this effort will not be
a success.

So, again, please share this survey link
<https://nyserda.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_aaOKnyxZSgkskmi> with your
network, across all platforms and as soon as possible.

Happy to get on a call or a Zoom to discuss.

Best wishes and thank you again!

Paul Winkeller, Senior Associate
Urban Cycling Solutions
518.330-6301 - cell and text
Matt VanSlyke
315.525.9554 (voice or txt)
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