[TheThinkTank] Earn-a-Bike Programs

Nicole Muratore nicole at bikesaviours.org
Tue Jan 11 13:54:39 PST 2022

The last iteration of ours required an individual to volunteer 12 hours of
time in exchange for a bike we'd teach them to fix up, a set of lights, and
a lock. These folks are already facing transportation issues and have
difficulty returning to the shop to complete the hours they started.

Separate from earn-a-bike we offer work trade at a rate of $10/hour for
shop credit that can be used for stand time or regular-priced parts needed
to fix one's bike.

If your shop has an earn-a-bike program or similar, how does it work? And
is utilization of the program high? Any input, documentation, etc. is

*Nicole Muratore, Shop Manager* (she/her)
Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective
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