[TheThinkTank] Volunteer Management Technology

Bayley VanderCrowd bayley.vanderpoel at velocitycoop.org
Sun Jan 30 05:13:34 PST 2022

Hi Thinktank! I’d like to share how we track our volunteers and see how
others track them.  We’re looking for something more integrated.  Are there
any commercial off the shelf software you use? Maybe we’re missing
something easier and better.  With that said, Vélocity Bicycle Coop in
Alexandria Virginia does the following:

-We use a Google form for volunteer shifts.
-We use a Slack channel to communicate to the others when we’ll be
-We use Meetup.com for volunteer nights. (If anyone is interested in
setting up a meetup group for free, we have a free group to giveaway.  Just
-We use a Google form to track what hours volunteers have performed.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.  Thank you

Bayley Vanderpoel
Board Member
Velocity Bicycle Coop
Alexandria, VA

Bayley Vanderpoel
VéloCity Bicycle Cooperative
Bayley.Vanderpoel at velocitycoop.org
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