[TheThinkTank] looking for current info on orgs that move/donate surplus bikes

Emily Gage emily at phoenixbikes.org
Wed Mar 23 13:04:34 PDT 2022

I know that Bikes for the World (https://bikesfortheworld.org/) does this!
They have a contact form on their website (
https://bikesfortheworld.org/contact-us) and I think you could direct your
question to Taylor Jones, their Executive Director.


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On Wed, Mar 23, 2022 at 2:55 AM <cyclista at inventati.org> wrote:

> Hi all,
> Back in the day at RIBs we used to periodically ship excess bikes we had
> to Ghana. I don't remember anymore what the entity that did the shipping
> and organization for that was, only that last time I checked five or so
> years ago, they had long since ceased operation. I even contacted one of
> the organizers directly and they had no connections to share or interest
> in resurrecting their past project. It was a total dead end, and I never
> had the extra bandwidth to create a new effort on my own or
> deepen/broaden my search.
> So what I'm hoping to hear from people is whether they know of, and have
> contact info for, any current entities doing this kind of work. Loading
> up shipping containers or tractor trailers with bikes and shipping them
> off to places in the world with both a shortage *and* a capacity to fix
> them.
> One thing I heard from people when I was doing the rounds last time was
> that some of the entities that took the bikes either sold them for
> scrap, or dumped them off without knowing what was done with them after
> delivery, which ultimately turned out to be to sell them for scrap. The
> obvious worst case scenario for such an effort. So I'm also hoping to
> hear about any vetting that has been done, or firsthand experience with
> the downstream of such a project.
> Thanks for any leads or info, cyclistas!
> Hope y'all are doing well,
> ~cyclista Nicholas
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