[TheThinkTank] Thinktank Search Function Errors

Jonathan Rosenbaum bike at bikelover.org
Mon Sep 12 23:19:24 PDT 2022

Hi Nicole, 

Thank-you for pointing this out! 

We do not have direct control of the mailing list, rather it is a
service provided by Dreamhost, so their administrators will have to
resolve this issue.  Darin, do you want to make the phone call? 

This is one of many reasons why we are in the process of migrating away
from Dreamhost, as well as providing a new living space for all the
other critical B!B!E! technologies.  This process began recently with
the purchase of a KVM -
.  However, for major services like the lists, we will be waiting until
after Bike!Bike!E! to make the change.  We will update to the newest
version of mailman, which has it's own search archiver called
Hyperkitty, which is more elegant than htdig! 


On 2022-09-12 16:50, Nicole Muratore wrote:

> Anyone else getting this error when searching the thinktank messages? 
> htsearch detected an error. Please report this to the webmaster of this site by sending an e-mail to: mailman at listserver-ogle.dreamhost.com The error message is:
> Unable to read word database file '/usr/local/dh/mailman/ogle/archives/htdig-db/thethinktank-bikecollectives.org/db.words.db [1]'
> Did you run htdig?
> Cheers, 
> Nicole Muratore, Shop Manager (she/her) 
> Bike Saviours Bicycle Collective 
> (602) 429-9369 | bikesaviours.org [2] | @bikesaviours 
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[1] http://thethinktank-bikecollectives.org/db.words.db
[2] http://bikesaviours.org
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