[TheThinkTank] Losing Our Space, Looking for Strategic Guidance & Advice

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First, how soon?

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> Hey pals, the Mechanical Gardens in NYC is losing our home base and needs
> to find a new home. I'm wondering if people have advice on any of these
> topics:
>    - Leveraging a crisis like this into successful fundraising campaigns
>    - Propositioning other organizations to partner with you and donate
>    space that can house you at a site they control — for example, government
>    agencies, real estate developers, community development corporations,
>    nonprofits, or for-profits.
>    - Some other strategy i'm not seeing here...?
> I'm eager to hear what's worked for you, as well as any lessons about what
> hasn't. I'm keen to hear specific pieces of advice about how to construct
> this pitch or frame the ask, who to engage with, and things like that, and
> I'd be grateful if you could share specific resources — a pitch deck, a
> proposal document, anything along those lines. NYC is an extraordinarily
> hard place for, you know, essentially everything, and real estate is the
> hardest thing of all, so things that may have worked in other places simply
> might not work here ... but I'm taking all the advice I can get.
> xox
> Josh
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