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Alexander Lazar alexandazar at gmail.com
Tue Sep 27 17:31:27 PDT 2022

Hi all!

I volunteer with Bikerowave in Mar Vista (Los Angeles).

Unfortunately, our current insurance carrier decided not to renew our
insurance policy citing the following reasons:

“The insured’s operations are no longer eligible within our program due to
changes in our appetite.  Our program requires the primary operations to
involve the insured manufacturing bicycle components, assembly, or a
bicycle store selling bicycles, renting them, etc.  As this risk is
offering space, tools, and assistance for customers to repair their own
bicycles, it no longer fits”.

We have had no claims in recent years - maybe ever? - and they've been our
carrier for quite a while.

We're working with an insurance broker to find new insurance, but does
anyone have suggestions?


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