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Jonathan Rosenbaum bike at bikelover.org
Tue Sep 27 22:51:08 PDT 2022


While I am not a expert, this paragraph sounds really weird, 

> "The insured's operations are no longer eligible within our program due to changes in our appetite.  Our program requires the primary operations to involve the insured manufacturing bicycle components, assembly, or a bicycle store selling bicycles, renting them, etc.  As this risk is offering space, tools, and assistance for customers to repair their own bicycles, it no longer fits".

There is such a thing as risk appetite, but it applies to an
organization, not the insurer.  Even more weird because they are
dropping you out of the blue, even though your organization has an
excellent history with the insurer, all while they appear to be
determining your organizations risk appetite.  I think they are using
subtle legalize to convince Bikerowave that they can't have insurance
with them anymore.  When in actuality, this is probably not the case at
all.  Your organization may want to talk to an attorney. 


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