Wow--that looks like an amazing set up!
We've had success partnering up with neighborhood/community events for our mobile units (burley cargo trailers). We do about 4-5 free tune ups--neighborhood street fair/farmer's markets type events in the summer months, and they are always well received and attended. The few times that we've offered tune-ups and we've done them on our own, we serviced only a small number of bikes. So that was disappointing given all of our time and effort.
Advertising in done by the event organizers, so we don't have to worry about that. Lots of visibility at the community events, which is great for us.
Best of luck,

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 8:34 AM, adam schwartz <> wrote:
We recently lost our physical workshop/classroom/storage space due to the economy and are considering the concept of going mobile.  We already developed a mobile bike shop based out of a landscaping trailer (photos attached), however due to a conflict with our previous partner organization (the Univ of Maryland) and our main funder our mobile bike shop was siezed and its future is currently being negotiated by lawyers. Its really sad and ugly but we are committed to moving forward despite the loss.  We have now formed our own 501c3 in incredible time and have fully terminated our partnership with the university.  Anyway, I wanted to hear about anyone who has had success with a mobile bike program.   We are currently considering using a biodiesel school bus to house our operations as cheap space is very hard to come by in the Washington DC area.  Thanks for your input and ideas.

Adam Schwartz
The Renaissance Youth Bike Shop, ECO Inc.

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