He may have been found perhaps from Strava or Garmin tracking. When @korevec gets confirmation from LE he will report.

On Thu, Jun 4, 2020, 6:01 PM Cyclista Nicholas <> wrote:
Hey bike community,

Anyone out there in Bethesda? Hopefully you're able to get the word out
to identify the guy in this post:

This scumbag was a spandie cyclist on the Capital Crescent Trail, riding
near the Dalecarlia tunnel. He physically attacked two children who were
posting George Floyd memorial flyers.

Don't know much more about it. If this guy was from my town, I'd likely
recognize his bike at least. As cyclists and mechanics, we're the people
who'd be best at identifying one of our own.

By "one of our own", I mean a cyclist, not a bigoted brute.

~cyclista Nicholas

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