That is a cool service, no wonder Google bought it.  In Salt Lake we actually pay for a phone line and use distinctive ringing for our fax line.


Jonathan Morrison
Project Coordinator
Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
2312 S. West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
w: 801-328-2453
c: 801-688-0183
f: 801-466-3856

On 8/16/07, Jay Varner <> wrote:
So here at Sopo, we don't have a phone in the shop. If we did, we
would spend most of our open shop hours responding to messages. So we
have been using our personal cell phones. However, a friend hooked us
up with an invite to a service called Grand Central
( This gives you a number and then you
have it forward to whatever number. It has a lot of features and
settings that I'm not going to blather on about.

So if anyone wants an invite, I'm more than happy to use them for
other shops until I run out. The shops that I hook up can use their
invites to hook up others and so on. All I need is your name and

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