Bike Concord would like to attend.

Best regards and Happy pedaling!

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On Nov 16, 2018, at 12:42 PM, Matt Senate <> wrote:

Thanks to this list, I've learned about two bay area bike projects I'd
previously never heard about! How exciting!

Quick question -- who is best to talk with about listing the
conference on once the logistics are confirmed?

- Matt

On 11/15/18, Matt Senate <> wrote:
Hey all,

I'm a member of spokeland and had the pleasure of attending Bike Bike
LA this year, which was a thoroughly rewarding experience.

Reaching out to any folks who want to work together on hosting a Bay
Area regional conference, which I suppose would also appeal to various
west coasters and Bike Bike addicts of any location.

Goal: Bring together Bay Area bike projects, especially those who
could or did not attend Bike Bike LA this year. Create support to
participate at the 2019 International Bike Bike in Tijuana!

I've submitted a preliminary request to book the ballroom at the Omni
Commons March 16-17 for the event. There are movable gallery walls to
create break-out session partitions, a "bar" with sink/drains and
refrigeration for food service, and it is wheelchair accessible with a
free-standing elevator/lift to rise above the ~6 steps from the
entrance hall to the ballroom floor level.

Spokeland members who have had the chance to discuss are excited, and
pending confirmations, we all want to focus a lot of efforts on access
and accessibility, especially for folks with different mobility than
the stereotypical cyclist.

Love and solidarity,


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