Website is up


lots of things still need to be fixed- but looks pretty well, if your bored and want to give u suggestions let me know- candy for you. i am totally gettting the work share off it until we have a better space for that and someone to over see it LOL

I should have asked if you wanted to do the website- just figured your so busy with CC, But if any interest you may be able to get involved with all that fre time you have.

hope life is well- i will be at north by 4pm dont feel like you have to come up- though it is helpful. if this wed is as busy as the last few i may recommend some schedualing- it becoming pretty oldschool CC

Have a great day

On Tue, Feb 16, 2010 at 4:28 PM, Rich Points <rich@communitycycles.org> wrote:
Hey All,
Just wanted to send you a reminder to register if you plan on attending Mountain States Bike! Bike!.

Ride On!

Rich Points
Community Cycles Executive Director
720-565-6019 (W)
303-589-0597 (C)
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